What Are You Chasing? What’s Chasing You?

We start off by asking What are you chasing?

Goals? Careers? Relationships? Health? What are you going for that you have created a non-negotiable list to accomplish the things you’re chasing?

To accomplish these tasks, we have to frame a me vs me battle. The self that wants to see this stuff happen, that you’re showing up every day for yourself and pushing the needle forward. Waking up earlier, sending off that last email, creating a well balanced machine that pushes you to be the best version of ourselves. Always going for that 1% better then yesterday.

What’s chasing you?

What past self sabotaging have you done that still haunts you to this day? What demons in the past have you played with that veers its ugly head? What ​​​​​​​​​​​keeps coming back that haunts you and taunts you to be less than your best?

These are important questions and go back to last week’s email about the 3 selves. ​The past you clings onto the old beliefs, the old ways of doing things, not understanding that we’ve levelled up, that we became committed, determined and driven to accomplish our goals.

When you can put the What are you chasing on the forefront and push with the fuel from the demons of the past, this is truly how to be the best versions of ourselves. We ​level up and we quiet the voices of doubt.

Stay humble!

Tanya Clarke-Marinelli​​​​​​