There are 3 different you’s

When we think about ourselves and levelling up our careers, personal life, or even a healthy lifestyle we have 3 different versions of ourselves talking to us at all times.

1- Future you: the one that sets out amazing goals, the person we strive to be, the leader we want to grow into, the life we set out to live. The goals we create for our businesses are all driven by our future selves. Whether that’s a billion dollar company or an easy online business you can run anywhere in the world. This future version of ourselves has already accomplished so much that it believes we can do it.

2- Present you: this person reacts and acts off of current situation and emotions. If you’re tired because of a bad nights sleep you’re probably wanting to cut a few corners, just getting things done, forgetting to do the small things that is giving us our current success. The momentum we build can be dictated or distracted by our current state of being. If we’re angry, chances are we’re doing things out of spite or all out ignoring it. If we’re tired we give ourselves the excuse of “Oh well it’s just one email.” “It’s just one phone call, I can do it tomorrow.” But what we do is compromise ourselves into being less than because of an emotion or a moment in time that is creating a little hiccup in our step.

3- Past you: this person doesn’t know who you are currently and definitely doesn’t know your future self. This past version of you doesn’t know how much work you’ve put in, how much more self belief you have in yourself and your abilities to run a billion dollar company. This past you is full of insecurities, disbelief and procrastination. The past you doesn’t understand why you would push to get that last email out, it doesn’t understand why you’re not compromising your goals, your promises anymore. This past you holds you back if you let them keep their hold on the current you and especially the future you.

When we’re faced with decisions, time lines, our goals, our daily power list, our daily meditations or whatever you’re currently doing that is creating so much success, that is all being driven by the future you who knows what it takes to make it. When we compromise and let things slip and say it’s better than nothing, then that is our past self. Because that version of ourselves didn’t understand what it’s going to take to be successful. When we are faced with our daily tasks and we cut corners or we say well this is good enough that’s our current version of ourselves being dictated by our current state of emotion.

When you’re having a conversation to yourself about “well it’s just…” ask yourself what version of you is asking. Because if it’s anyone other then the future self, then you need to get the task done! The future you will thank you!