How to use Enthusiasm on a Monday!

Let’s kick this week off with this…

When you walk into the office and someone says “Good morning how are you doing?” With a smile and looking at you in the eyes like they mean what they say, it makes us feel like they’re actually acknowledging us right? It’s like they care and genuinely wanna know how we’re feeling.

Imagine that same person the next day come in and just nod with a smirk on their face…it’s not going to give you the same feeling, instead you’d feel like they’re too busy to talk or even don’t really want to talk with you.

When we hit our day with Enthusiasm we come in with an energy that can lift the whole work place. We smile, and we share an energy that is quite contagious. Everyone picks up on it and starts to mimic your energy.

Of course we’re not going to be fake, but we are going to put out the energy that we as leaders want to see our team replicate. If you’re coming in angry, or ticked off because it’s Monday, your team will pick up on that and that will be the theme of the day.

Enthusiasm isn’t only in our energy, but in how we do everything. When we work, are you working just because you have too? Are you just doing the basic needs? Are you working distracted and not caring about the end result?


Are you focusing your efforts to give the best you have in every single task, are you showing up for you and putting the best effort in every task you do, are you coming in early, in a positive mood, are you leading by example, are you talking to your team? are you offering a coffee to a co-worker….all these small things we do as leaders shows our team how to put in the extra mile.

When your team sees you leading by example, constantly doing what you’re telling them you’re going to do, showing up, working without cutting corners, putting in the time, leading with Enthusiasm, that’s how you know your team will level up, they will rise to match your energy and the production of your office will triple.