Leading w/ Integrity

There are a few questions I’ll ask you to help answer this is:

Do you do the things you preach? Do you go the extra mile? Do you push yourself when no one is looking?

If the answer is Yes, then you lead with Integrity! It means you’re willing to put in the work, pick up the trash and do all the things that need to get done to ensure a happy work environment. It means that you’re willing to lead by example and showing others that putting in the extra little tasks you can have a happy, thriving work environment.

When we want to reduce Office Conflict, or we’re looking to build a team it all starts with the work you’re willing to put in daily!

When your team sees you being honest and respect their abilities, it generates trust and pride in their work. They hold themselves responsible to the things they could do better, they hold their word by keeping promises made, and they’re willing to help others in their tasks because it makes the work environment more of a joy and people will want to show up not only for you, but for themselves as well!

-Tanya Clarke-Marinelli