Who loves Mondays? I DO I DO!!

Happy Monday!! It’s no secret that most people dread Mondays, (for a number of reasons) but I actually LOVE Mondays!

Here’s 5 tips to help you set up your week to ensure a successful week!

1- Get an early start: taking 15 – 20 minutes to reflect on the important tasks, and setting your priorities for the week!

2- Set a new goal: New week, new goal! How could you improve from last week?

3- Schedule all your meetings for the week: Monday is the perfect time to schedule meetings with your team, because calendars are usually pretty open at the start of the week.

4- Show appreciation. Make sure to tell your employees of the great work they did last week and acknowledge their efforts! That helps any worker start off their week with confidence and a smile!

5- Assess upcoming challenges for the week. Be pliable, life happens and sometimes we have to work on the fly! Keep the distractions limited and keep moving the needle forward!

Add these simple steps and you’ll quickly find that Mondays are awesome!


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