Who’s responsible for Workplace Culture?

Do you agree that Workplace Culture is the responsibility of the CEO/Manager as well as each staff member?

Think about your workplace culture:

👉 Is it in constant chaos? Or does everyone know their role and their expectations of their job?

👉 Are your employees getting along? or is there constant bickering?

👉 Do you allow for growth and expansion? Or do you only want people to do what they’re told?

As a leader it is your responsibility to know what is happening and bring in the proper tools for all your employees. This allows your staff to be heard, understood, appreciated and feel like they want to work harder for you and your company. When they are rewarded with bonuses or extra time off, or they’re appreciated for their work it promotes a positive experience for them and they will work harder for you. 

Though we all know that with different personalities the odd “bad apple” comes into play. If you tolerate or allow disrespect, conflict will arise and it will make the work environment stressful, your employees will begin to resent coming in and then weeds of negativity take over. 

REMEMBER: Not everyone is going to get along and that’s ok! We just need to learn how to treat each individual with respect. Create a healthy workplace for your staff and watch as your company begins to take off. 

Allow your employees to provide feedback on existing culture-building efforts and ideas for new ones, after-all they’re the ones battling on the floor every day for you. They should be heard, understood and encouraged to provide feedback on what’s working and what’s not working.

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